40 Years of John Hardy

To celebrate this milestone anniversary, we honor our most iconic collection, Classic Chain, the place that inspired it, Bali, and the master craft of our artisans

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Only 4 Made

The 18K Gold Diamond Pave Classic Chain Bracelet features 634 hand-cut diamonds, which takes over nine days to create, is the fullest expression of ultimate beauty


Classic Chain

Eternal icon and the pinnacle of Balinese artisanship


Only 40 Made

The 18K Classic Chain Bracelet with Diamond Pave Clasp is engraved with a unique identification number, marking its exclusivity


400 Made

The Silver Classic Chain Bracelet features 24 gemstones that are delicately hand–set and skillfully hand-woven over the course of four days


4000 Made

The Silver Lava Classic Chain Bracelet is adorned with an array of colored, semi-precious gemstones


Limited Edition Men's Bracelets

The Classic Chain Leather Bracelets in black, brown and orange leather are hand-woven using a technique developed exclusively for our 40th anniversary


Chain Technique

The making of John Hardy Classic Chain Bracelets


Visit Us In Bali

We invite you to explore the John Hardy Ubud Workshop and Showroom


The John Hardy Experience

Discover the exclusive John Hardy 40th anniversary destination package at the Como Shambhala Estate in Bali