Colors of



Destination Bali

Artisan-Crafted Art


Prized for its celestial blue hue, lapis embodies the night sky and is the universal symbol of wisdom and truth.

White Moonstone

Signifying strength and new beginnings, many cultures believe this enchanting stone was formed out of moonlight itself. White moonstone is known to enhance intuition and promote inspiration.


A mesmerizing stone of transformation, malachite is cherished by healers and represents the innate beauty of nature. This protective stone absorbs negative energy while harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit.

Golden Sheen Obsidian

Formed from cooling lava, golden sheen obsidian is a natural volcanic glass, considered an extraordinary stone without boundaries or limitations. It’s best known for its ability to balance energy and encourage insight.

Indian Ruby

A fiery gem beloved for its qualities of protection and passion, Indian ruby is said to draw its gifts from the sun. The stone’s color suggests a flame that will never burn out, enabling the wearer to draw strength from its majestic energy.

Colors of Paradise