Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Trick or treat? We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

Palm Wood Boxes

Palm Wood Box

These handcrafted jewelry boxes from our Home & Lifestyle collection make the perfect home for your jewelry collection. Sterling silver and precious gemstones embellish the beautiful boxes that are made out of black palm wood - a beautiful and unique tree that's considered a sustainable plant as it grows to maturity faster than most trees harvested for their wood!

Also, a fun fact for the day - John Hardy plants five palm wood trees for each palm wood tree-cut used for production. We are definitely Greener Every Day!

Children's Naga Bracelet

Baby Naga Bracelet

2012 is the year of the Water Dragon, signifying that babies born this year are especially charismatic and independent! With intricate details, let the Naga provide the little ones with love, prosperity and protection!

Check out the bracelet here!

Coil Bracelets

Coil bracelets are one of our favorite ways to complete a stylish look while keeping it light, fresh and fun. It’s the perfect way to dress up your coolest Casual Friday outfit. We’re loving the luxurious coil-after-coil on this bracelet! 


Men's Cufflinks


New design features in meteorite gives off an edgy feel for our men's cufflinks. Masculine patterns combined with innovative materials for an element of the unexpected - so daring, yet dashing!

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Bedeg rings

The perfect gift for anyone and any special occasion...

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Palu Collection

Watch the hand-hammering process for our stunning Palu collection in just 30 seconds!

Arm Candy

Dot bracelets

Beautiful two-tone, gold and silver bracelets from out Dot collection definitely makes a statement! Each dot is hand-soldered by our Balinese artisans in exact symmetry to create a geometric motif that is precision perfect.

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