Men's Collection

Men's Collection

The iconic men’s collection is a masculine interpretation of the brand’s classic collections. Every piece is handcrafted, streamlined and sleek with rare stones and intricate designs to create unmistakably strong looks. From cufflinks and necklaces to bracelets and rings, our bold men’s collection gives a lasting impression that the discerning man aims for.

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Organic Kitchen

Organic Kitchen

In our beautiful Bali compound, we have an organic kitchen where five-star chef, Pak Ngurah, prepares a meal of traditional Indonesian specialties for our guests and staff of more than 650 people every day!

Because we are dedicated to sustainable living, produce from our organic garden and surrounding farms is used for delicious meals cooked over a wood fire in the authentic Balinese open-air kitchen.

Summer Sparkles

Shine this summer with our necklaces adorned with precious gemstones in vibrant hues from the signature Bedeg collection.

The pieces are highlighted by the geometric simplicity of woven strips of sterling silver and feature round and square stations of striking stones to help you splash into summer!

Alaska's Bristol Bay

Save Bristol Bay

Our CEO Damien Dernoncourt has written an official pledge support letter for the protection of Bristol Bay’s wild salmon fishery from the proposed pebble gold and copper mine. Here at John Hardy, we are committed to supporting high conservation actions and policies that ensure that mine projects do not result in the contamination of the natural environment with toxics or acid drainage.

Help the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency initiate the 404C process to protect the world’s greatest wild salmon fishery!  The EPA has the authority under 404C of the Clean Water Act to prohibit the disposal of mine waste in the Bristol Bay watershed.

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Find out more on how we are Greener Every Day.

Hardy Klub

Naga Dragon Pin

Want to enjoy all the exclusive benefits from John Hardy? Join the Hardy Klub now! Collectors are welcome to become members of the Hardy Klub by signing up online. By becoming a member, you can take a sneak peek into new collections, receive event invitations and our newsletters. And every year, you will get a surprise gift in the mail for your birthday!

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The Cinta Collection

Cinta Shell Necklaces

Meaning “love” in Balinese, Cinta is our unique one-of-a-kind collection that started when Creative Director & Head Designer, Guy Bedarida, designed a single ring for founder John Hardy as a gift to his wife. Since then, it has evolved into an entire collection created with gemstones and organic materials of exceptional character. Inspired by Bedarida’s exotic travels, the handcrafted pieces fuse various forms and compositions while maintaining the signature John Hardy design aesthetic. What’s so special about Cinta is that every piece is so individual so each one is given an own name! Representing the beauty found in organic and precious materials from all around the world, it’s no surprise that collectors of Cinta are those who adore the extraordinary.

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Jobs For Life

Jobs For Life

In 2009, Jobs For Life was started by CEO, Damien Dernoncourt, and Head Designer & Creative Director, Guy Bedarida, to support severely disadvantaged Balinese female orphans. The education focused program aims to ease the transition from orphanage to the real world by providing vocational training and practical skills that can be marketed as they look for work. In addition, John Hardy pays for the students’ school fees for the last two years of high school and aims to offer them full-time employment opportunities at the John Hardy Bali compound after they graduate from high school. We always do everything we can to give back to the global community!

Classic Chain Technique

As our commitment to preserving the traditional Balinese jewelry-making techniques, we are one of the last companies to weave chain by hand. The Classic Chain collection is a tribute to the ancient chain weaving practiced in Bali since the 19th century and for every inch it takes up to four hours to weave! In result, a smooth and supple drape is created to follow the contour of the body – what an effortless and stylish touch!

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The Honorable Plant

Bamboo collection

Here at John Hardy, we can’t express enough how much we admire Bamboo! This reputable plant is known as Mother Nature’s gift to humankind for its impressive ability to heal our natural environment. It is a rapidly-growing perennial grass with a complex root system so it prevents soil erosion and filters salt from the brackish water while it sequesters carbon dioxide to help improve air quality.

Our signature Bamboo collection represents our core values of core values of being true to our legacy of sustainable luxury through design, artisanship, passion and respect. Through our "Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo" initiative, a portion of proceeds from the purchase of each piece from the Bamboo collection is used to plant bamboo seedlings on the island of Bali. To date, about 800,000 bamboos have been planted! It truly is a never-ending process that we believe is part of our responsibility to be "Greener Every Day."