Fall 2012 Collection

Fall 2012 Collection

Ready for fall? Our upcoming Fall 2012 collection is effortless stylish, inspired by the glamorous mystique of Morocco! Creative Director and Head Designer, Guy Bedarida, journeyed through this exotic place and was influenced by the mesmerizing architecture and starlit skies. We love the iconic prints, patterns and vivid colors – so bohemian chic!

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Dot Collection

Dot Rings

The tone-on-tone silver technique and the bold symmetry of the Dot collection is spot on! Each piece is handcrafted with a modern sensibility to achieve a new minimal, matte silver effect as well in our unmistakable gold with oxidation.

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Home & Lifestyle

Home & Lifestyle

Our Home & Lifestyle collection is inspired by traditional Balinese objects and materials, drawing on ancient metal-smithing techniques passed down from artisans of the Balinese royal courts. Ingenious juxtapositions of sterling silver and organic materials such as black palm wood, buffalo horn, coconut shell and bamboo are beautifully combined, by hand, to present a ravishing look and warm feeling for your home. Alabaster, agate and crystal are some of the most luxurious materials used to create items that show off John Hardy’s style of spectacular craftsmanship.

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Designers & Artisans

The art of jewelry-making is an ancient skill dating back to the time of the former royal courts of Bali. We believe in the important collaboration of designers and artisans that shapes our signature luxury craftsmanship. Head Designer & Creative Director Guy Bedarida and his team of designers sketch their inspired pieces and the team of artisans brings his vision to life; each piece undergoes a seven step process of handcraftsmanship in our Bali compound to create these works of art! These gifts are created by the hands of our artisans who bring them centuries of tradition and appreciation of fine craftsmanship.

Our Story

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