Inspirations from Morocco


Can you guess the product that was inspired by the cone shaped spice displays at the Moroccan Spice Markets?

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Hematine necklaces

Hematine Necklaces

Edgy, powerful and masculine. Our men's trendy Hematine necklaces show off our innovative materials for this fall! These are strong, personal and lasting pieces that add an element of polish for the discerning man.

Baby and Children Collection

Children collection

Inspired by our main collections, the Baby and Children collection is definitely a keepsake! The sentimental value of jewelry cannot be measured, the precious pieces feature heirloom-quality jewelry that can be passed down for years to come.

Jewelry Trends from Guy Bedarida

See what our Head Designer and Creative Director Guy Bedarida has to say about what's in style this season!

Organic Farm

Nestled in our beautiful Bali compound, the organic farm is made of small fields of Bali rice and organic vegetables where all employees contribute to planting and harvesting. Though it can only be harvested twice a year, compared to commercial white rice which is harvested three to four times a year, we only grow organic brown rice because it is more nutritious. Chicken, cows, goats, pigs and rabbits are raised for sport and to help fertilize the gardens as well!

Jewelry Making Techniques

Learn about our unique ancestral Balinese jewelry-making techniques!


The Legend of the Naga


Ever wondered the story behind our Naga collection? According to an old Balinese legend, a mythical dragon called the Naga would boldly dive from the volcanoes and into the sea at twilight to visit his most treasured possession, the Pearl. At dawn, the Naga would return with water cascading off his scales and into the rice fields for a bountiful harvest, providing love, prosperity and protection to the people of Bali.

Meet Guy!

Guy Bedarida

Our Head Designer and Creative Director Guy Bedarida is touring the United States this Fall! Now you'll have a chance to meet him, hear all about his inspirations from Morocco and preview the latest designs to experience John Hardy in a more personal way.

Find out his schedule here!