We are Greener Every Day

When Mr. Hardy first arrived in Bali, he worked and lived in an entirely natural environment and his spirit of environmental respect has remained at our heart. Today, the same concept is at the start of everything we do, from the way we live on our compound – natural bamboo buildings and a wood oven for our locally grown lunches, to the way we work – we use only reclaimed silver and plant bamboo seedlings throughout Bali to offset our carbon emissions. To date we have planted 900,000 bamboos through our Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo program, which plants a number of seedlings for each Bamboo collection piece. This year, we’re also contributing 20% of our Bamboo collection's sales to Trees New York.  Celebrate the beauty of our natural world this Earth Day and join us in our efforts to be Greener Every Day.

The Sea of Celebes

Celebes is actually called Sulawasi nowadays – but we can’t help but love the charming beauty of the old name because it so beautifully reflects the island. Charming, ancient, and far, far away. We had long stretches of some of the most pristine beaches in the world all to ourselves in Celebes. There, huge shells would wash up on the sand. So many of them were so similar, so perfect but still distinct in the most subtle way – their texture. Each had been weathered and worn, dappled and polished and this reminded us of the Palu collection – each cuff or cufflink is designed to look the same but they come out complete different because of the organic nature of the hammering. For this season, Palu takes on Celebes’ beautiful beaches and glimmering seashells. Journey to Celebes and explore the latest arrivals for Palu.

Bamboo in Java

Java is a bustling island, home to huge cities and industry but when we landed on a quieter part of the island there was an airiness, a lightness that we couldn’t put into words. Then there was this moment when the rays of the setting sun bounced off of the bamboo rods some local fisherman were using and that was it! The graceful arcs of bamboo, the light dancing on the polished poles, and the colors of the sunset filling the air around you; that was Java and this moment inspired a new sensuous, delicate range of rings, earrings and refined cuffs. Experience Java and explore the latest arrivals for Bamboo.