Cara Delevingne Is The New Face of John Hardy. #JHxCara


There is no denying Cara Delevingne’s appeal; Her striking beauty, alluring confidence and effortless cool make her one of a kind. Cara is forging her own path with a free spirit, fierce independence and unique perspective on life, which is, at its core and inception, the essence of John Hardy. 

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 Photographer Sebastian Faena at work, Amankila Bali

Cara Delevingne on set in Bali

Shooting at Black Sand Beach

Bali Celebrations



John Hardy is deeply rooted in the culture and history of Bali, and the country is a constant source of inspiration. May and June are especially rich with celebrations including Galungan Day, Pengerebongan and Perang Pandan. 

Galungan Day is the most important holiday symbolizing the victory of Good over Evil (Dharma and Adharma). During this special time, the streets are lined with 'penjors', tall bamboo poles splendidly decorated with woven young coconut leaves and flowers, which symbolize peace. People dress in their finest clothes and jewels this day to celebrate. 

Pengerebongan is a sacred ritual held in Kesiman Village. This event is very unique as people can suddenly be taken over by a mystical and magical trance. The priest will  give a holy water to bring back to the real world after a trance.

Perang Pandan, also called Mekare-Kare, is a ceremony to honor the god Indra (god of war) and ancestors. This ritual is held annually in the village of Tenganan, East Bali. The men are bare-chested and fight with thorny branches in a battle of the gods. 

Poleng is the black and white cloth often seen wrapped around temples or sacred statues and trees in Bali. It symbolizes good and evil, the Yin and Yang of Bali. The Balinese believe that good does not exists without evil and vice versa. To appreciate one, you need to know the other. 

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