Young Presidents' Organization Dinner in Bali

On Friday, July 5 our CEO Damien Dernoncourt and our Creative Director and Head Designer Guy Bedarida hosted a candlelit dinner at the compound. Six members of the Young Presidents' Organisation (YPO) attended; the group included artists, designers and business owners in Bali as well representatives of the John Hardy team. Traditional Indonesain dishes like Nasi Kuning (yellow rice) set the atmosphere of a warm Balinese village, completed with an amazing musical performance that included a huge set of bamboo instruments that called Jegog and the softer melodies of the Rindik, a smaller set of bamboo instruments.


Organic Kitchen

Organic Kitchen

In our beautiful Bali compound, we have an organic kitchen where five-star chef, Pak Ngurah, prepares a meal of traditional Indonesian specialties for our guests and staff of more than 650 people every day!

Because we are dedicated to sustainable living, produce from our organic garden and surrounding farms is used for delicious meals cooked over a wood fire in the authentic Balinese open-air kitchen.

John Hardy Mocktail


Try it to beat the heat of summer with this delicious Tamarind and Lemon Basil Mocktail (serves 10 people)!


1 piece hot chili
200 gram tamarind
10 gram ginger
5 cups sugar
2 teaspoon salt
20 gram Lemon basil (basil leaves)
3 liters water
4 stem lemongrass
2 pieces lime leaf


Combine all ingredients and boil over low heat for approximately 2 hour.


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