More Plantings!

Bamboo Planting

In commemoration of the National Love to Flora and Fauna Day and the National Heroic Day, the Bali Province invited us to plant and release birds at the Margarana Camp Ground in Bali. During the ceremony, John Hardy was honored with a certificate for the company's participation in the Bali Clean and Green program. We also planted 2,000 bamboo seedlings; proud to say we are Greener Every Day!

Greener Every Day

From using 100% recycled silver to planting over 800,000 bamboos, we're proud to say we are Greener Every Day!

The Honorable Plant

Bamboo collection

Here at John Hardy, we can’t express enough how much we admire Bamboo! This reputable plant is known as Mother Nature’s gift to humankind for its impressive ability to heal our natural environment. It is a rapidly-growing perennial grass with a complex root system so it prevents soil erosion and filters salt from the brackish water while it sequesters carbon dioxide to help improve air quality.

Our signature Bamboo collection represents our core values of core values of being true to our legacy of sustainable luxury through design, artisanship, passion and respect. Through our "Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo" initiative, a portion of proceeds from the purchase of each piece from the Bamboo collection is used to plant bamboo seedlings on the island of Bali. To date, about 800,000 bamboos have been planted! It truly is a never-ending process that we believe is part of our responsibility to be "Greener Every Day."

2012 Earth Day Activities

2012 Earth Day Activities

In the month of April, all the John Hardy offices celebrated Earth Day to show our dedication in being Greener Every Day!

New York
The New York office donated 4,272 trees to the Arbor Day Foundation to be planted across the US, with a focus on the areas affected by recent wildfires.

Hong Kong
The Hong Kong office held a clothing drive in order to donate old clothes to Caritas, a charitable organization in Hong Kong. A total of 150 items were brought in!

Notices were placed around the office in Bangkok as a friendly reminder to be green in every single way.

The Bali staff gave a presentation called “Keeping Clean from Plastic Waste” to a local Elementary school and created a pledge board where everyone could post how they promise to be green. The team also had the awesome opportunity to plant Bamboo with the Balinese governor!

Green Envelope

Green Envelope

We are proud to let you know that we commenced the use of our anti-tarnish envelope for shipping jewelry. Made from 100% recycled paper wrapping with recycled padding inside, the envelope is printed with soy ink and is re-usable. Not only does the packaging significantly reduce excess waste, but it also cuts down the use of jewelry cleaners, a product that is toxic for both the user and the environment, as the envelope’s material prevents the product from tarnishing.