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On Location at Black Sand Beach
On Location at Black Sand Beach

The beaches of Bali are some of the most renowned in the world, especially black sand beaches. Black sand originates from volcanoes (in this case, Mount Batur and Mount Agung) and are actually tiny fragments of lava.
The backdrop made perfect sense for the campaign shoot. As the legend goes, a mythical dragon called the Naga, inspiration of the famed John Hardy line by the same name, would dive from the volcano into the sea at twilight to visit his most prized possession, the Pearl. At dawn, the Naga would return with water cascading off his scales and into the rice fields for a bountiful harvest, providing love, prosperity and protection to the people of Bali.
Doesn’t Cara Delevingne look effortlessly cool with the Gold Naga Kick Cuff? Find yours now.

Behind-the-Scenes with Cara Delevingne
Behind-the-Scenes with Cara Delevingne




From the pool at the Amankila to the Black Sand Beach, Cara Delevingne and crew traveled through Bali, capturing the natural beauty and timeless appeal of the island.
Here are exclusive behind-the-scenes Polaroids that capture what went on in between shots.

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