May 13 2014
The Bedeg collection's ripples of silver are sparked with glittering gems for the Spring 2014 season. The collection reflects a timeless style and essential beauty.
April 7 2014
The natural beauty of carved rosewood is added to the Palu collection's dappled silver for the Spring 2014 season for a style that express an understated luxury and sophistication.
Spring 2014 Bamboo Collection
March 31 2014
The Bamboo collection is inspired by the graceful arcs created by pancing - long, slender fishing rods used by fisherman in Java. With sliver sparked by black sapphire, the collection wraps you in strands of precious metals and gems for the Spring 2014 season. 
Spring 2014 Classic Chain Collection
March 18 2014
For the Spring 2014 season, the Classic Chain collection is inspired by the ancient tradition of weaving, prevalent throughout Bali. The collection takes on a fresh, life with the delicate, lace-like pattern of an enticing, openwork form.
September 13 2013
For the Fall 2013 season John Hardy Creative Director and Head Designer Guy Bedarida explores the tribal elements that inspired him to transforms traditional elements into modern motifs, creating collections with a daring essence and unique spirit. 
March 26 2013
The Classic Chain is at the heart of John Hardy designs and inspirations. Experience the signature element's influence on the Spring 2013 collections, guided by John Hardy Creative Director and Head Designer, Guy Bedarida.
November 14 2012
John Hardy Creative Director and Head Designer, Guy Bedarida, guides you through the unique and glamourous Moroccan elements that captivated him and became the inspirations behind the fresh take on the Fall 2012 collections.
Classic Chain Collection
August 19 2011
Classic Chain pieces are meticulously woven link by link by the hands of our virtuoso artisans, allowing the smooth and supple drape to follow the contours of the body.
Tiga Gunung - 3 Mountain Workshop
August 18 2011
Built in 2007, the Three Mountain – or Tiga Gunung – Workshop has three 15-meter towers to resemble the shape of three volcanoes.
Behind the Scenes 2011
August 18 2011
John Hardy reveals Fall 2011 Collections and the fall advertising campaign.
 Greener Every Day: Bamboo Planting
August 18 2011
As part of their commitment to Bali and the environment at large, John Hardy plants bamboo, the long-lived, rapidly growing woody perennial grass that is capturing the attention of environmentalists and sustainability advocates around the globe.
Jewelry Making Techniques
August 18 2011
Head Designer and Creative Director, Guy Bedarida and his team of skilled artisans combine the traditions of haute joaillerie and ancestral Balinese jewelry-making techniques to create the enduring quality and sophistication of the John Hardy collection. 
Designers & Artisans
August 18 2011
The John Hardy brand was conceived as a collaboration between designers and artisans. The artisan’s deep knowledge of materials and craftsmanship, combined with the designer’s imaginative impact and flourish, is the guiding creative partnership behind the brand.  
Corporate Social Responsibility
August 18 2011
Motivated by a passion for beautiful things and people, John Hardy makes handmade jewelry and focuses on doing good for the world around us.
Naga Collection
August 18 2011
The Naga collection unites both abstract and figurative representations of the mythical dragon, in a lattice of feathery, sensual scales and smiling dragon heads.
Guy Bedarida
August 18 2011
Head Designer and Creative Director Guy Bedarida joined John Hardy in the late 1990s, bringing with him a vast knowledge of haute joaillerie following extensive training and experience throughout Europe and the United States.
The Origin
August 18 2011
John Hardy's first partners, the descendants of the goldsmiths to the royal courts of Bali, were the basis of today's partnership between designers and artisans. Together, they meld time-honored jewelry-making techniques with fresh design to create John Hardy pieces.
Design Center
August 18 2011
The design studio is a restored Balinese community hall called Wantilan. The open-air building has an antique iron wood structure with a grass roof, soft stone floors and tall windows that allow for abundant light. There are no interior walls, so creativity flows between designers and artisans, true to the John Hardy creative process.
Bedeg Collection
August 18 2011
Inspired by the simple, yet exquisite woven bamboo walls of traditional Balinese architecture and the art deco style of Rattan furniture, the Bedeg collection weaves lengths of gold and precious metals to create bold, geometric pieces.   
Dot Collection
August 18 2011
Based on the traditional granulation method of flattening and smoothing small metal balls, the Dot collection is based around the literal expression of the eternal circle and executed with crisp modern lines to create a look that is timeless and bold.
Kali Collection
August 18 2011
Casual but chic, the Kali collection borrows its free-form pattern from the organic rhythm and structure of water-smoothed river rocks. 
Bamboo Collection
August 18 2011
The Bamboo collection stands as an elegant tribute to the plant that is a central element to the John Hardy culture, elegantly revered in this core collection.
Damien Dernoncourt
August 17 2011
Non-Executive Chairman Damien Dernoncourt joined the team in 2003 after falling in love with John Hardy's dual passions for handmade jewelry and for making a difference in people's lives.
Palu Collection
August 17 2011
Meaning “hammering” in Balinese, Palu is the technique of hammering metal to resemble the shading of the moon’s surface, yielding a smoothly textured finish.  
Tour our Compound
August 17 2011
Angela Lindvall goes to the John Hardy compound in Bali and learns jewelry handcrafting techniques with Guy Bedarida and his team of artisans, explores the rivers of Ubud and the Mount Batur volcano, and helps to plant next season's rice harvest.
Behind the Scenes 2010
August 18 2010
Behind the scenes on the shoot for the Art Deco inspired Fall 2010 collection with Angela Lindvall, model and ardent environmentalist, as she talks about falling in love with the green brand and her design collaboration with John Hardy.