Corporate Social Responsibility
August 18 2011
Motivated by a passion for beautiful things and people, John Hardy makes handmade jewelry and focuses on doing good for the world around us.
Guy Bedarida
August 18 2011
Head Designer and Creative Director Guy Bedarida joined John Hardy in the late 1990s, bringing with him a vast knowledge of haute joaillerie following extensive training and experience throughout Europe and the United States.
The Origin
August 18 2011
John Hardy's first partners, the descendants of the goldsmiths to the royal courts of Bali, were the basis of today's partnership between designers and artisans. Together, they meld time-honored jewelry-making techniques with fresh design to create John Hardy pieces.
Damien Dernoncourt
August 17 2011
Non-Executive Chairman Damien Dernoncourt joined the team in 2003 after falling in love with John Hardy's dual passions for handmade jewelry and for making a difference in people's lives.