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Discover one-of-a-kind emblems of love that embody the unique and unbreakable bonds you share with your loved ones

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Linked Bond

The openness and fluidity of the modern age offers an entirely unique perspective on the world, on love, and the connections we share with one another. Each day spent together in a fresh, vibrant love strengthens the one before and after, much like the links in our Modern Chain. Here, precious metal becomes wearable art, forming sleek, interlocking pieces that symbolize a linked bond between two souls.

Inspired by the landscape of Bali, sculpted precious metal builds a bridge between the traditional and the contemporary.

The Balinese consider artisan families to have been blessed with a special skill from the Gods, which is passed down like a precious heirloom. It’s also believed this blessing is imparted from the artisan to the piece, embodying the Modern Chain collection with a sacred meaning.

The fluid lines in Modern Chain evolved out of a Classic Chain bracelet from the John Hardy archives.

A family who has been silver-smithing for John Hardy for three generations explored new patterns in chain-weaving that eventually led to the creation of Modern Chain. The thick, flat links are cut in half to make them slimmer, and the metal is then interlocked to form a sleek, expressive symmetry. This mix of traditional and modern innovations is what makes Modern Chain in particular such a unique embodiment of John Hardy’s artisanship.

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Palu Technique


A relationship that exists in perfect harmony is one that also expresses an exquisite rhythm. Two individuals must live and work in sync, creating a sacred balance in the years spent together. Just as every relationship is unique, no Palu piece is the same, the indentations forming a surface that’s as distinctive as every wearer.

Palu designs are a symbol of shared experiences: Every indentation represents a different milestone in the journey a couple takes.

Throughout John Hardy’s history, artisans who are also couples work in compassionate balance, with the woman heating the metals, and the man lifting and setting down the hammer. Our artisans consider the task a meditative one, akin to the mesmerizing trance associated with falling in love.

The traditional technique of hand-hammering precious metal produces the lustrous, textured surfaces that define the Palu collection.

It takes years to master this skill—as the artisan becomes a master in Palu, his relationship with his partner also deepens. The expressive symmetry of the finished piece is made personal by every artisan’s individual touch.

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Bringing the core of who you are into a relationship is a courageous step that offers vast rewards, creating an eternal bond. This unbreakable partnership grows stronger with every passing moment, and each day spent together. It is a love that can transform two souls, joining two individuals into one united pair.

Classic Chain pieces are a symbol of community. Our artisans braid generations of legacy and tradition into every link. Often, they weave these pieces at home, where they are surrounded by loved ones.

Classic Chain is the foundational expression of John Hardy, reflecting the ancient tradition of chain weaving that dates back to the goldsmiths and jewelry makers of the Balinese royal courts.

Today, the chain weaving technique remains as meticulous as it was centuries ago: Silver and gold links are woven by hand, and the finished chain is then kneaded and polished.

The weaving of the classic chain is the work of a single artist from start to finish, which makes the chain consistent and unique. One bracelet can take up to four days to create.

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The cherished connection that two women share is a bond as effortless as the eb and flow of the natural world. Bamboo inspires a sense of radiant ease, embodying a love that, like the plant itself, grows stronger by the day. The profound expressions of both friendship and love take on a new meaning when worn in honor of the earth’s natural beauty.

John Hardy has always been devoted to building and preserving our natural connection to the environment and to each other.

This task has become as deep-rooted and organic as the bamboo plant: John Hardy’s “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” initiative ensures we sow new seedlings for every purchase from the collection. The process culminates with an exclusive engraving on each piece, noting the number of seedlings planted.

The Bamboo collection showcases a marriage of several of John Hardy’s singular jewelry techniques, including mythical back grille etchings that depict scenes from Balinese life.

This treasured element can be found on the inside of certain pieces and is akin to the artisan’s signature. This year, the Bamboo silhouette takes on a new expression, with sweeping curved designs and new brushed finishes that resemble metallic silk.

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Emblems of

Finding the one person who anchors you is an otherworldly experience. As time passes, daily rituals bloom into the threads of devotion that tie two people together, as embodied by the Balinese legend of Naga. When the head of the Naga is worn facing outward, he protects the wearer from harm. When worn facing inwards, he envelops the wearer in the sacred power of love.

Legends Naga are mythical emblems, and these designs are given and passed down as a way of bestowing love and protection.

The Naga dragon lives high atop the volcano Mount Agung, guarding and protecting his kingdom from harm by day. In the evening, he abandons his post by jumping into the depths of the sea to visit his one true love: the glistening pearl. Together, the pearl and the Naga signify eternal love.

Artisans create intricate wax carvings of the Naga using a designer’s hand-painted sketch as a guide.

Carvings are the essence of Balinese jewelry, highlighting our artisans’ ability to sculpt elaborate details, from the sloping curve of the Naga’s head to the tiny rows of scales on his back. After creating a master carving, silver or gold is poured into a mold and hand-polished. Gemstones are then hand-set—ending with the Naga’s open eye, glimmering with an unshakeable commitment to his beloved.

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Emblems of Love