Bali: Island of Wonders

This dreamy landscape inspired John Hardy with its exuberant nature, the strength of its people and the power of its spirit. Rich in creativity, tradition and culture, Bali continues to be a universal source of inspiration for our jewelry and way of life.

John Hardy
Ubud Workshop & Showroom Tour

We invite you to explore the world of John Hardy in Bali, where every piece of jewelry is conceived, designed and produced in our design center, workshop and showroom.
On Your Tour:

- Visit the open-air design center and workshop and see our master artisans at their craft
- Learn about Bali’s renowned creative traditions
- Explore the property’s organic farm and kitchen
- Savor a traditional Balinese lunch alongside our artisans and designers, served at a long table under the shade of Banyan trees
- View current and vintage collections
- Shop at the Kapal Bambu Boutique

To schedule a tour, appointments must be made at least one day in advance by contacting Trisna Dewi at +62 (0) 361 469 888 or

Our workshop & showroom is made of natural, sustainable materials—each building can be collapsed and carried away without disrupting the surrounding land.

Sustainable living has always been a priority for the company, and we operate in harmony with nature and our community.

The John Hardy Ubud Workshop and Showroom covers more than four acres, with our open-air design center, an organic farm, traditional Balinese kitchen, on-site boutique, and more.

We employ more than 700 people, the majority of them residents from neighboring villages. Each day, we gather for a convivial long-table lunch where our designers, artisans and guests celebrate our work by sharing a meal.


John Hardy found a kindred spirit in the island—he saw his values reflected in the vigor and vitality of life; he respected the rich, creative culture, and he found in it a simple and pure lifestyle. It was the perfect birthplace for the brand, which embodies the island’s powerful allure, dramatic landscape and inspiring spirit.
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