Artisan Handcrafted Since 1975
Drawing inspiration from Bali’s elemental beauty, we are guided by our heritage of artistry and reverence for nature in everything we do.

We Are Artisans
Our fine jewelry is an ongoing collaboration amongst our artisan collective. The soul and hand of the maker are expressed in every piece.

We Are Community
For us, creation is a collective process fueled by community. That’s why we’re dedicated to ours, which includes over 700 multi-generational artisans in Bali and 400 in Thailand – all masters in the arts of chain weaving, carving, casting, and metalsmithing. With over 1,000 employees worldwide, we also have offices in Bali, Hong Kong and headquarter in New York City.

We Are Sustainable
As a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, we are committed to ethical practices across our supply chain. We use only reclaimed metals and ethically sourced gemstones as well as Kimberly Process-compliant diamonds.


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