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Conceived as wearable rituals or intention-setting vessels, our Amulets are powerful talismans imbued with Balinese mythology and cultural symbolism. They are crafted to be collected and displayed from any of our Amulet Keyring necklaces, which feature hand-carved connector stations designed to hold multiple amulets and charms at once. Our necklace pendants, gold pendants, cross pendants, pearl pendants and round pendant necklaces are made with 100% sustainably reclaimed sterling silver and 18K gold. Worn remixed and combined, our Amulets evoke a cabinet of wonders inspired by sacred artifacts, objects and symbols found around Bali and its neighboring archipelago. Charms for bracelets, sterling silver charms and bracelet pendants find inspiration in the Canang Sari — the intricate arrangements of plants, flowers and incense placed daily around Bali as an offering of gratitude, peace and everyday blessings. This season, we offer gold pendants for men, gold pendants for women and silver charm necklaces with hand-carved motifs — an array of amulets designed for every generation, body and identity. Our collection nods to a diverse range of Indonesian cultural references and ceremonies, bringing an ethos of sacred ritual to our every day.