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Jewelry supporting sustainability is more than a form of adornment — the sterling silver bamboo bracelets, bamboo rings and bamboo earrings offered in our Bamboo Collection drive real change in Indonesia, both ecologically and socially. Through our “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” initiative, we work to restore degraded tropical forests and create sustainable economic opportunities for farmers and artisans; every piece purchased from our Bamboo Collection plants seedlings in Indonesia on your behalf. The collection gets its namesake and design language from bamboo cane at every stage of its lifecycle — from the raw, living plant to the woven objects and architectures bamboo is fashioned into after harvest. This season offers silhouettes in both reclaimed sterling silver and 18K gold: sculptural gold bamboo hoop earrings, woven sterling silver bamboo earrings and gold bamboo bangle bracelets cast to emulate the plant’s organic striations. As we evolve our practices and materials to become more sustainable and responsible each year, we will continue to create jewelry for a cause that preserves and sustains our earth.