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Cinta Collection

Classic Chain Kali Bracelet

John Hardy
Item# 243918

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Design Details

A bracelet of 18 karat gold featuring a color spectrum of assorted gemstones in various shapes — yellow, orange, peach and pink Tourmalines, Rhodolites, Rubellites, Hessonite and Spessartite Garnets, yellow Beryls, Citrine, multicolor Spinels and and orange Sapphires — with a complex clasp in the form of an infinity knot, set with pink and Padparadscha Sapphires and pink and champagne Diamonds. This river of gemstones is named Kali, which means both 'river' and 'time' in the Indonesian language. It is also the name of a powerful female Hindu deity. The design and making of this one-of-a-kind bracelet took 132 hours of hand work by a team of master artisans. First the original design was rendered in gouache and then an exact model of the gold was carved by hand (56 hours) before lost-wax casting. The final stage was the setting of the 160 gemstones stones and then polishing.
  • 18k Yellow Gold
  • Pink Diamond
  • Spessartite, Pink Tourmaline
  • Pave Pink Diamond (0.1ct)
  • Single Latch Click
  • Style#: BGP02191MXTMDICH-B3542