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The Making of Rata Chain

September 1, 2021

Our newest iteration of Chain is an intricate, multi-row weave inspired by traditional Balinese weaving techniques mythologized in our Mambal archive.

Translating to “flat” or “smooth” in Balinese, Rata is a wide, low-profile weave achieved through a labor-intensive process. Our Artisans trained for a month to technically master its technique, which involves working with more and smaller links than our Classic Chain weave. It takes 3 days to weave a single Rata Chain Bracelet, and 4 days to weave just 14 inches of necklace.

The process begins with hundreds of reclaimed metal links, which the Artisan weaves simultaneously across into stacked horizontal rows. Working across as opposed to vertically produces a whole, unbroken silhouette with a structure that echoes that of a hand-knit textile.

Next, the Artisan hammers and stretches the piece by hand on a traditional manual rolling mill. It is during this stage that the chain is worked into a flat, ribbon-like form with a surface area that is wider and slimmer than our other classic weaves.

The collection features seamless clasps with raw, flame-forged texture, showcasing the virtuoso range of sterling silver under the hand of the Master Artisan.