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Reticulated Metals

July 20, 2021

Our Fall '21 collection showcases precious metals that have been reworked and transformed through the process of reticulation — a metalsmithing technique that uses direct flame to heat the interior of metal to its molten state.

Reticulated metals are defined by raw, volcanic textures and a fire-marked finish that is one of a kind.

Working with a hand-held torch across a large sheet of metal, the Artisan guides the intensity and focus of the flame, causing the surface of the metal to expand and ripple. It is a time-consuming and meticulous process, by also by nature unpredictable. The final texture is dictated by a host of chance chemical reactions that occur between metal, fire and air at any given moment — no two surfaces ever come out the same.

Once the metal sheet is forged, the Artisan files and oxidizes the surface to bring out the spectacular ridges, ruts and peaks. This step exaggerates the variegated topography, emphasizing rather than buffing away any so-called imperfections. The most dynamic areas are then hand-selected and cut out into the desired shapes and forms.

In this collection simplicity reigns, allowing the texture to shine and the material to be the message. Some styles are embellished with gold Jawan beads: a laboriously rendered Balinese motif created through melting tiny balls of metal down into decorative studded lines.

The Artisan’s process is defined by its juxtapositions: elemental alchemy and masterful craft technique; forged by fire and crafted by hand.