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In Honor of Every Mother, Everywhere

April 21, 2020

We’re partnering with Every Mother Counts to support pregnant mothers, their babies and healthcare workers with crucial health resources during this unprecedented time. For every birthstone piece you purchase in the month of May, we’re proud to donate 20% of the proceeds to Every Mother Counts, supporting their ongoing initiatives to help bring safe and respectful care to mothers everywhere.

During this time, Every Mother Counts is:

• Providing support to U.S. grantee partners to provide at-home prenatal care kits, enabling women to get crucial prenatal information to their healthcare providers remotely, without risking exposure to themselves or their babies.

• Working with community-based birthing centers and doula organizations to train and equip doulas and midwives with the technology needed to provide telehealth support, as well as provide food and diapers for their doulas, midwives and new mothers.

• Earlier in March, Every Mother Counts quickly mobilized their community to help pass the Families First Coronavirus Response Fund (H.R. 6201), which provides free COVID19 testing, 14 days paid emergency sick leave, three months paid family and medical leave, expanded unemployment insurance, additional Medicaid dollars, and more.

If this moment sheds light on anything, it’s that we are all interconnected. Join us in marking this Mother’s Day by caring for and about each other and mothers-to-be. Because, even in a moment of such collective vulnerability, some eternal truths remain. Every mother is a hero. Every birth is a precious miracle that deserves to be nurtured and celebrated.

With Love,
Everyone at John Hardy