#JHxJoya: The Journey of Scent
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#JHxJoya: The Journey of Scent

January 19, 2017

The story of Joya is similar to that of our founder, John Hardy. An artist and visionary, Mr. Hardy visited Bali in the 1970s and was enchanted by the island’s sublime beauty. He founded an authentic collective with local artisans and, to this day, we continue to operate a company deeply rooted in essential values of community, artisanship and sustainability.

Modern Day Artisan Frederick Bouchardy founded Joya, a fragrance design studio, in 2006. Joya sources rare raw materials and employs local artisans to fuse ancient manufacturing techniques with modern ingredients and technology. Explore the inspiration behind Joya, the power of scent and our limited edition #JHxJoya candel.

John Hardy

What is the concept behind Joya? What inspired it?

Joya is a modern American fragrance house born out of an experiment with graphic design and scented wax.

We are designers and developers of perfumes, candles and scented products for our collections and collaborations—and we create identities via fragrance, transforming ethos into an elusive, often invisible, always powerful part of their vision.

What affect does fragrance have on people?

There has already been so much said about the connection between memory and fragrance. I’m looking to create fragrances that have goosebump-inducing aspects, like a line in a poem or a melody in a song that speaks just to you.

We live in a never-ending, digitally connected world. How do you think the energy you put into your work, the fact that everything is made by two hands, by artisans, affects your clients?

This is essential to what we do: We strive for perfection, but the marks of artists along the way in our various processes are inherent and evident, if you take the time to notice. Even if you don’t, you probably can’t help but feel it.

What parallels can you draw between John Hardy’s artisanship and your own?

So many clients, especially of late, are asking for “organic” and “crafted.” I’m noticing we are now receiving these requests from companies and brands whose aesthetics and operations don’t really relate to either of those. Digging into John Hardy’s history, I realized there is a complementary kind of expression: rough meets refined, exacting standards and precise dedication while respecting the imperfect and being inspired by the spontaneous.

Our industrial designer, Martin Sombathy, began with a slab of Slovakian clay and developed a technique to echo the John Hardy hammered finish. The final object fits in your hand in the most natural way possible. Of course, we added our signature flourishes: matte (porcelain) against glossy (22k accents).

John Hardy

How did you come up with the John Hardy scent?

Our perfumer, Dana El Masri, was inspired by the images and culture of John Hardy’s studio. She imagined each piece of jewelry being meticulously made, surrounded by hay, sandalwood, lush leaves, Indonesian jungle, and, of course, the symbolic tuberose. We worked closely with the John Hardy team and added nuanced notes of jasmine, frangipani, sandalwood, coconut and a freshwater accord. I have a feeling the workshops smells almost exactly this way.

The power of perfumery and our limited edition candle captures the magic of Bali that transports, transfixes and transforms with sustainable artistry. Shop it here.