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JHxSomething Navy: A Mother's Bond

February 9, 2017

Discover one-of-a-kind connection between Arielle from Something Navy and her mother. Content and original post contributed by SomethingNavy.com

We just began the process of planning Ruby’s first birthday… Where did the time go!? Sometimes I look at her and go “But you were just in my belly!” And now she’s a real person that has such a personality. Since becoming a mom, I have such a newfound appreciation for my own mother knowing everything she did for me and my two sisters. A mother and daughter relationship is so unique and whenever I look at Ruby I just feel so incredibly lucky I get to build that bond with her. Everything I do in life is for her and it’s the best kind of motivation every morning when I wake up. I want to show her how important it is to find your passion, be independent, laugh endlessly, love deeply and know that she can do anything in the world that she wants.

As far as I can remember, I was the girliest of the bunch. My older sister and little sister looked at me like I was such a weirdo trying on my moms shoes, playing with her jewelry, testing out her lipsticks. I loved playing dress up. Every Saturday night before bed, my mom would be getting ready for her night out and I’d sit in her closet while she went through her safe and tried on all of her special fancy Saturday night jewelry. I can’t wait until I can hand down all of my special pieces to my daughter and share some of my cherished possessions and timeless pieces.

This shoot was so special for me because I got to do it with my best friend, my mom. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I wanted to gift her these pieces from the John Hardy Bamboo Collection. Much like our incredible bond, this collection is effortless like earth’s natural beauty. Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily always about your significant other, it is about celebrating LOVE. The love we share isn’t something I can describe – she is the perfect role model as a mother.

I always ask her now, “how did you do it?” and her answer ALWAYS is “LOVE.” All your daughter needs from you and your husband is endless amounts of love. That’s what it takes to be the perfect mother.

Worn by Arielle: Bamboo Hinged Bangle in Brushed Silver / Bamboo Ring in Blackened Silver with Diamonds

Worn by Arielle’s Mother: Bamboo Curved Hinged Bangle in Blackened Brushed Silver/ Bamboo Curved Hinged Bangle with Black Diamonds in 18K Gold

On vanity: Bamboo Curved Hinged Bangle in Silver / Bamboo Stud Earring with Black Onyx in 18K Gold / Bamboo Stud Earring with Diamonds in 18K Gold

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