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Distinctive Signature: Back Grille

February 12, 2017

A technique adapted from traditional silversmithing, our intricate back grille etchings depict one-of-a-kind scenes from Balinese life. Each back grille is akin to an artisan’s signature: This treasured element can be found on the inside of certain pieces and is only possible because our jewelry is hand-made.

This season, some of our new Dot pieces feature back grilles depicting a Balinese temple ceremony. Temple ceremonies are annual events held on a new of full moon. Some ceremonies last for three days, but larger ceremonies may last for 11 days or longer. At the ceremonies, the Balinese honor the deities that rule over the temple by bringing them offerings such as fruit and flowers, and by performing special music and dances.

Some of our signature Bamboo back grilles may showcase water lilies under the moonlight, a tiger luxuriating in a forest, and a butterfly floating near a volcano.

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