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Essential Stones: Black Sapphire

June 28, 2017

The term sapphire is derived from the Greek word sappheiros (precious stone). Throughout their history, sapphires have been associated with wisdom, and a sense of the sacred. A grounding gem that represents protection and intuition, black sapphires can cool tense situations, dispel anxiety, and enhance courage. Historically, royalty in many cultures are particularly fond of different various of this precious stone.

John Hardy


Black, also occurring in blue, pink, violet, yellow, green, and white. In the Hindu culture of Bali, the color black is associated with the god of Vishnu, deity of springs and protection.

Found in:

Australia, Vietnam

Mind and body benefits:

It is suggested that one should wear black sapphire to deflect negativity, sorrow, and shock, due to its restorative properties that also stimulate compassion.

Healing properties:

Revered for its ability to balance emotions, black sapphire is believed to both augment calm in the wearer and deflect negative energies from others. It can be used for protection against anger and bullying, and is considered a pain reliever. Black sapphire acts as a shield that repels anger, and protects the wearer from fear.

Corresponding chakras:

Base or root

History and legend:

Black sapphire is associated with Manat, the Arabian goddess of destiny, time and death, as well as Cybele, the Roman Earth mother and goddess of wild animals.