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The Eight-Step Process

March 2, 2017

With Bali as our source of endless inspiration—from its bamboo fields to its ancient royal rituals—each John Hardy piece unfolds a new chapter in our modern legacy.

1. The Design

begins by sketching a concept, which evolves into a series of watercolor illustrations.

2. Wax Carvings

are made using the designer’s sketch as a guide. The traditional technique is done using a hard green jeweler’s wax.

3. Master Castings

are created from the carved wax, then taken to the workshop to be cast in silver or gold.

4. Molds

of the master are made with a flexible material. Artisans inject it with a blue casting wax that will form every future reproduction of that piece.

5. Wax Trees

are then set in a gypsum mold. When placed in an oven, the wax melts away and is replaced with silver or gold.

6. Silver or Gold Trees

are the result of the casting, which replicates the wax tree in the form of precious metal.

7. Assembly

by an artisan ensures the cleaned components form a singular piece of John Hardy jewelry.

8. Finishing

is accomplished with a variety of techniques, including polishing, soldering, or adding intricate details such as signature hinges, clasps, and hand-set gemstones.