Anu Nagaraj: Explorer. Nurturer. Healer.
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Anu Nagaraj: Explorer. Nurturer. Healer.

June 18, 2017

Anu Nagaraj,
Founder, Aanu Seva Ceramics Workshop

Giving Shape To Healing

When film producer Anu Nagaraj first set hands on clay, and the deeply therapeutic experience of shaping its form into an organic expression of the earth, she knew its healing art was something that belonged to all—particularly those who suffer at the hands of others. Her nonprofit workshop, Aanu Seva, sets out to bring ceramics to people who experience trauma. Nagaraj says she “wanted to work with those at risk and share the healing benefits I’ve experienced from losing oneself in the act of creating. It’s important for me to share the opportunity to explore worlds outside their current reality.”


“I found Apne Aap, the NGO through which I taught the first Aanu Seva workshop, when researching the subject of human trafficking. My Summer commitment is to continue to develop a sustainable ceramics program of their own, with the hope of creating an income stream for women.”


“I have a few big life decisions on my mind all centered around building a life that’s meaningful to me,” says Nagaraj. “Love,” being the most important. Inspired by connection and community, Nagaraj’s story is radiantly represented by the Classic Chain Collection. Hand-hammered grooves evoke the contours of human touch she shares through ceramics.

It’s important for me to share the opportunity to explore worlds outside their current reality.

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