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Essential Stones: Citrine

April 2, 2017

Often called “lemon quartz,” this stone’s name is derived from the Latin word for yellow. Due to its color, citrine was once prescribed as a cure for jaundice and other diseases of the liver, but it has since become associated with new pursuits and sunny dispositions. Citrine is essential for mental clarity, optimism, and regeneration.



Found In:

Brazil, Russia, and Madagascar

Mind/body benefits:

Enhances mental clarity, confidence, willpower, and personal power; encourages openness; stabilizes emotions; and calms anger and frustration

Healing properties:

Known to be beneficial for digestive and toxicity issues; may also relieve symptoms such as depression, self-doubt, and anger

Corresponding chakras:

Solar Plexus

History and legend:

In ancient times, citrine was thought to offer protection from both snake venom and evil thoughts. Citrine, long referred to as a “success stone” or “merchant’s stone,” is also thought to increase wealth if carried with you or kept in your home. Citrine is also said to manifest abundance, success, and good fortune.

Adapted from Elemental Energy:

Crystal and Gemstone Rituals for a Beautiful Life by Själ Skincare founder Kristin Petrovich.

Captivating Beauty: John Hardy and Citrine

Bamboo Gold Ring with Citrine
Bamboo Gold Stud Earrings with Citrine
Exquisite inside and out of the intricate gold borders, these citrine Bamboo rings and earrings achieve a harmonious elegance embodying nature’s luminous beauty.