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JHxGem-Water: Beauty From Within

November 23, 2017

To celebrate the start of the holiday season, John Hardy is collaborating with Gem-Water to offer limited edition gemstone water bottles, featuring an exclusive John Hardy blend of stones, with your purchase. We sat down with Gem-Water founder Anjanette Sinesio to talk about nurturing natural beauty from within.

Gemstones have been used in health and wellness by Eastern cultures for thousands of years, and everyone is talking about it now. Are we in a new era of gems?

A.S. - There is definitely something going on! Gemstones have been around for a millennia, and people have been putting them in water for a millennia. But gemstones are having a new resurgence. People are looking for alternative ways to enhance themselves. As a jewelry designer, I’ve been adorning women on the outside for most of my life. Now, using gems to change people from the inside, feels really fulfilling to me.

Like Gem-Water, John Hardy also greatly values the sacred power gemstones can have in the wearer’s life. What gems does the JH exclusive blend contain? Why did you choose them?

A.S. - We chose black tourmaline, clear quartz, and rutilated quartz, which is a great combination in terms of the spiritual and emotional meaning behind the stones. Black tourmaline is the stone of protection and clarity, clear quartz amplifies anything, and the rutilated quartz radiates beauty and strength. We felt this black and gold color scheme really stood for John Hardy as a brand. The new Made for Legends campaign is so bold and powerful, empowering women to create their own legacy. I think the rutilated quartz represents a woman, giving them strength and courage. She’s conquering the fear of being afraid to do something. It’s so cool that Julianne Moore and Adwoa Aboah are the faces of the campaign, because they’re such a beautiful and diverse combination.

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The holiday season is, of course, a time for merrymaking. But how can we improve our own wellness by drinking this kind of water? What are some of the benefits and changes you’ve personally noticed?

A.S. - Holidays are times that we tend to go overboard with the drink and the food. But you want to keep yourself as balanced as possible, and keep your body hydrated. When I started drinking out of the Gem-Water bottle, it was a total transformation. When I leave the house it comes with me, and as soon as it’s done, I fill it up again. I easily get my eight 8-ounce glasses and more. I used to have such a hard time drinking water, but looking at the stone in this beautiful bottle helps so much—it’s like you’re creating a ritual.

What are some of your favorite pieces of John Hardy jewelry?

A.S. - Everything in the new Legends Naga collection is so stunning, powerful, and strong. The whole idea of protection is built into it, and the Naga legend takes place in the water as well! The Naga is the protector of the ocean’s pearls, which is a beautiful metaphor. Wearing these pieces is another way to strengthen yourself through water and give yourself the courage to be the woman you’re meant to be.