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Raw Beauty: Magic Cut

January 26, 2017

Our artisans created the signature Magic Cut to honor the extraordinary power of gemstones.

The technique is epic in its impact, designed to bring the brilliant radiance of each gemstone to life with more than 70 facets. Our use of gemstones mirrors the ancient practices of jewelry making in the Balinese royal courts. They are set in ceremonial objects and jewelry worn by high priests and royalty.

In Bali, certain gemstones are believed to hold spiritual power and meaning. Every stone is different, and we believe its unexpected character gives it personal energy.

Golden sheen sapphire offers pain relief and personal expression.

Sapphires are the second hardest crystal on earth after diamond, and have been prized for more than 2,000 years. These intriguing sapphires are golden in hue, with a magical play of light under the surface.

Emerald enhances fidelity, memory, and intelligence.

These stones overflowed the treasure chests of ancient Egypt and pre-Colombian empires. The brilliant green of the emerald has become the symbol of rebirth, symbolizing the new growth that reappears every spring.

Rutilated topaz increases motional balance and the wearer’s protection from greed.

The name “topaz” may come from the Sanskirt for “fire,” and the ancient Egyptians thought the golden glow of this stone came from the mighty sun god. The rutilated variety of this gemstone contains needle-like inclusions that give the stone depth and interest.

Just as raw beauty of Bali has always been an inspiration for John Hardy, the stones that bear the imprint of nature embody the significance of each new collection.

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