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Natural Gems: Moonstone

February 2, 2017

Essential for its uplifting qualities of hope, protection, and creating a path to wisdom.

Moonstone is an amulet of protection that offers a tangible connection to the magic of the moon. Signifying strength and new beginnings, many cultures believe this enchanting stone was formed out of moonlight itself. The unique structure of moonstone creates a play of light within the crystal—a glow like the full moon. Thought to increase spiritual awareness, this luminous gemstone has been said to bring the wearer pleasant dreams, and is thought to safeguard love and increase fertility.

John Hardy

It is also thought to be a channel for prophesy and a path to greater wisdom, which makes it an ideal stone for travelers and lovers seeking a deeper bond with their partner.

Color: Silvery white, also occurring in delicate pastel shades of peach, gray, blue, and a prismatic variety called Rainbow Moonstone

Found in: India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Myanmar, Mexico, Switzerland, Norway, Tanzania, and the United States

Mind and body benefits: Meditation with moonstone may reveal the secrets within the self, often bringing clarity to a part of one’s soul that has been forgotten. As a crystal of fertility, moonstone has the potential to harmonize the body with the natural lunar cycle. These benefits are thought to be most powerful at night.

Healing properties: Moonstone projects a white color energy. White talismans exist both in our world and the spiritual world, linking the wearer to a realm of knowledge that illuminates the darkness of night. Peach moonstone supports the heart and stimulates the mind, while gray moonstone carries the mystery and power of the new moon.

History and legend: Revered for thousands of years by cultures around the world, moonstone has a starring role in many legends. The ancient Romans believed moonstone enclosed the image of Diana, the moon goddess, who could endow love, wealth, and wisdom upon the possessor. In India, moonstone is considered sacred, thought to bring good fortune.

Our latest pieces featuring moonstone were inspired by a shimmering Balinese full moon, rising high above the sea.

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