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Bali to Southwest

Alluring Adventures

Alluring Adventures

From Bali’s bamboo villages to the majestic Grand Canyon, the wild and wandering southwest offers endless inspiration. Channel your unique paradise with precious metal in gleaming silver and fiery gold.

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The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled

From Bali’s volcanic mountains to the Mojave’s Red Cliffs, sometimes the best plan is to not have one. You’ll find your chosen path adorned with etched silver, classic leather, and gemstone accents.

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A Weekend In Houston

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Everything’s bigger in Texas, and Houston is no exception. Nod to Texan cowboy culture with ankle boots, a denim dress, and a neutral floppy hat, then cloak yourself in gleaming silver and fiery gold. Our Classic Chain Cuff, Classic Chain Buddha Belly Earrings, and Dot Round Disc Ring transition perfectly from an afternoon museum tour to sunset cocktails.

Summer Travel 2016 Get the latest men’s jewelry SHOP NOW

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Those who don’t understand Houston easily dismiss it, but this Texan metropolis is redefining itself as a cosmopolitan city better known for its food and art than oil. Segue from a traditional barbeque lunch to a night drinking whiskey at Reserve 101. Our fearless Classic Chain Signet Ring with Tiger Eye and Bamboo Leather Trip Wrap Bracelet are the ideal companions for wherever your southwestern adventures take you next.

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