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Innovation is the ability to see what is, and imagine what could be. Inspired by this concept, our transformable luxury jewelry empowers endless self reinvention, featuring convertible, multi-wear designs that evolve alongside you. With a collection spanning transformable necklaces, transformable earrings, multi-wear bracelets, rings and body chains with inclusive, modular sections, our transformable pieces honor the shapeshifting nature of style. Our bestselling Hero Transformable is designed to remix endlessly and can be broken out into its own self-contained capsule collection. The Asli Transformable is a sleek, sculptural favorite — it adjusts from long to short and can unlock a bracelet for three-looks-in-one to mix and match. Our transformable gift edit is curated for every body and style, fusing a unique jewelry ethos with a gender-inclusive jewelry design language. It is underpinned by our commitment to sustainability and craft heritage; every piece is made with 100% reclaimed metals and imbued with taksu ­­— the Balinese word for soul.