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Frame your face with luminous gemstone studs, tasseled ear jackets, black diamond earrings or dramatically detailed drop earrings. John Hardy earrings embrace layer and proportion play, transcending the confines of the traditional matching pair. From the smallest sterling silver stud earring to our most dramatic chandelier earring, every style is imbued with the soul of our Master Artisans. Silver and gold hoop earrings bring soft architecture to your everyday uniform, featuring seamless clasps to ensure a secure and streamlined fit. Chain chandelier earrings are a long-form love letter to the Balinese art of hand hammering, while sapphire earrings from our Legends Naga collection bridge symbolism and function. From sustainably sourced jade earrings and organic pearl earrings to bamboo hoop earrings, our commitment to sustainability informs our design language across every collection. Mismatched earrings offer a lesson in asymmetry — craft an unlikely pair or curate a display on your ear with a gemstone earring to honor your birth month, a turquoise earring reminiscent of the sea, a tourmaline stud, maybe a pearl. Gild yourself in iconoclasm with handwoven chain drop earrings inlaid with lapis, tiger iron, black sapphire, diamond, grandidierite, topaz, tourmaline and citrine. Radiate rarity with one-of-a-kind earrings from our Cinta Collection, or embrace fluidity with transformable hoop earrings featuring understated pearls that slip on and off the hoop or transformable tassel earrings with removable hand-woven chains. From our most iconic studs, hoops and drop earrings to our more avant-garde buddha belly earrings and statement earrings, all of our designs look and feel like a force of nature.