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Layered, wrapped, draped or worn solo, John Hardy necklaces are designed to liberate self-expression. From effortlessly elegant chains showcasing pave diamonds and pave sapphires, to long layered pendant necklaces playing host to rare gemstones, our artisan-made necklaces are made for those who are bold. Across our collections, our necklaces are as timeless as they are future-facing, steeped in heritage but endlessly new. Embrace the power of change with our Classic Chain wrap necklace, featuring a tailorable length and a fluid weave that drapes like liquid metal. Celebrate transformation with our Asli transformable necklace, featuring integrated clasps and architectural segments that allow you to break Asli out into multiple standalone pieces — a choker necklace and two unique bracelets that can be worn solo or as a set. Hand cast in precious metals, our drop necklaces with pendants suspend thoughtful details in turquoise, black sapphire, spinel and pearl. Versatility reigns in our collection of lariat necklaces and Y necklaces, featuring sapphire, pearl and handset diamond tassels that make a glittering entrance. Our Lahar Lariat is studded with wild diamonds that retain natural inclusions and flecks of sparkling carbonation, while the sensuously long necklaces in our Dot Collection have a lustrous texture achieved through artisanal hand-hammering. Our amulet necklace collection offers a tableau of variety, from hand-carved amulets to ethically sourced gemstone amulets. Highlight one as a showcase pendant or build a collection of talismanic charms on one of our gold or silver chain link necklaces. Birthstone necklaces artfully remix meaning — pair your birthstone pendant with a loved one’s on an 18K gold chain, or allow serendipity to lead and mix-and-match with abandon. From diamond necklace pendants to blue sapphire necklace pendants, tourmaline necklace pendants, ruby necklace pendants and so many more — amethyst, black sapphire, citrine, emerald, garner, peridot, moonstone, topaz, aquamarine, turquoise, onyx, lapis, malachite and pyrite — our collection of chain pendants spans the geological spectrum. Deepen the symbolism of your chain necklace with our Legends charms, or channel Balinese mythology with our hammered gold amulets and sun amulets. Keep your faith close with an artisan-made cross necklace or redefine convention with a stack of statement chains. Mix your metaphors, create your own occasions — wear a diamond pendant every day of the week. And honour the earth, with our Bamboo Collection — for each Bamboo charm purchased, we plant bamboo seeds in Bali on your behalf. To date we’ve planted over 1 million.