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Inspired by mythical Balinese creatures, our Legends Collection features figurative dragons, eagles and tigers cast by hand in 100% reclaimed gold and silver. Each piece of symbolic Balinese jewelry for women is imbued with a traditional myth that expresses reverence for our natural world. Depicting the Balinese water dragon, our Naga collection — inclusive of dragon bracelets for women, dragon rings for women, dragon necklaces for women and dragon earrings — symbolizes love, protection and prosperity. By day, Naga is said to sit atop a volcano, protecting Bali’s land and people. By night he dives into the ocean to visit his love, the Pearl. Every morning, as he flies back to the volcano, he nourishes the earth with the water that cascades off his scales. Expressed across silver and gold dragon jewelry, Macan rings and powerfully carved Eagle Wing pendants, each animal in the Legends Collection carries its own story and meaning.