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Layered, wrapped or worn standalone, John Hardy necklaces radiate power and inspiration. From essential dainty chains with pave diamonds or pave sapphires to long layered pendant necklaces shimmering with rare gemstones, our artisan-made necklaces illuminate your individuality. Tailor the length of our Classic Chain wrap necklace to suit your sartorial sensibility or tap into the power of change with transformable necklaces worn three ways: linked as one long chain necklace, unlinked and layered as a choker necklace, or shortened as a bracelet. Unique and versatile, lariat necklaces, y necklaces and drop necklaces make styling easy with elements of pearl, sapphire, and fluid tasseling, with the beauty of each statement necklace in the details. Natural inclusions in wild diamonds of our Lahar Lariat cultivate uncommon shine while artisanal hammering lends lustrous texture to sensuously long silver and gold necklaces from our Dot Collection. Hand cast in precious metals, drop necklaces with pendants suspend thoughtful details of turquoise, black sapphire, pearl, spinel, and diamonds. Amulets can be interchanged with our gold and silver chain necklaces to create endless ways to customize. To amplify the meaning of a birthstone necklace, start with a silver chain necklace or a gold chain necklace and add gemstones to symbolize your birthstone alongside your loved ones’ birthstone: diamond, blue sapphire, tourmaline, ruby, amethyst, black sapphire, citrine, emerald, garnet, peridot, moonstone, topaz, aquamarine, turquoise, onyx, lapis, malachite, pyrite. Deepen the symbolism with Legends charms in Eagle, Cobra or Naga. Channel Bali in our hammered gold amulet or our sun amulet. Or keep your beliefs close with an artisan-made cross necklace. For the ethically minded, each Bamboo charm purchased gives back, celebrating our sustainable luxury heritage. And for the ultimate expression of power with purpose, adjust the mini chain of our Spear bib necklace so its fierce diamond pendant lays wherever you want - as fearless and free-spirited as you.