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Crafted in Bali by master artisans, our collection of handmade bracelets draws inspiration from the raw, elemental beauty of the Balinese landscape. Our sterling silver chain, gold chain and bronze chain are crafted entirely by hand, from the initial sketching, to weaving, casting, stone-setting and polishing. In the final step of our eight-step process, our artisans massage each bracelet to cultivate comfort and dynamic structure that naturally moves with your anatomy. This ensures that our elemental chains; Classic Chain, Rata, Asli, and Kami; all feel remarkably fluid to the touch. As designed objects, our chain bracelets are seamless and intuitive, constructed with design-forward clasps that ensure easy on-and-off wear. Our bangles, cuffs and bracelets for women and men are crafted in a variety of sizes, widths and styles, from our foundational chain bracelets to gold cuff bracelets, sterling silver bracelets, diamond bracelets, pearl bracelets and transformable creations that reimagine jewelry’s ontology. From showpiece hand-carved bracelets, to reversible silver and gold bracelets, to chains and cuffs you’ll want to stack, drape and layer. Over the years, we’ve iterated our classics, growing our collection to include lustrous bangles, leather bracelets and a range of conflict-free gemstone bracelets that retain the untouched geological hues of their origins; amethyst and jade bracelets, turquoise and lapis bracelets, sapphire bracelets and reversible birthstone bracelets crafted in homage to your astrological signs. In hammered silver, gold and bronze, our hand-carved heritage cuffs and coils evoke strength, potency and self-protection, while our more contemporary cuffs reference sculptural forms and a functional avant-garde. In our Legends collection, form is led by myth; our Naga, Eagle, Cobra, and Macan styles take cues from the powerful animal symbology woven into Balinese legend. Our rarest, most opulent gems and stones star in our Cinta collection, featuring singular hand-settings and custom designs inspired by the heights of ecological and human pathos. Through our Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo initiative, our Bamboo collection embodies our founding commitment to sustainability. For each Bamboo style purchased, bamboo seeds are planted in Bali on your behalf. To date we’ve planted over 1 million.