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Honor your most meaningful months and milestones with ethically-sourced birthstones bracelets, birthstone amulets and birthstone pendants. Crafted by hand using 100% sustainable reclaimed precious metals, our untreated stones celebrate natural mineral inclusions and geological variance. Featuring a range of birth gems by month, our collection offers easy-to-fit silver birthstone bracelets with pull through closures and hand woven Classic Chain bracelets with reversible pavé clasps. Given as a gift in honor of motherhood, childbirth or kin, the birthstone meanings assigned to each stone become imbued and invested with your singular story. Gem stones for each month are vessels of energy and emotion — January’s garnet birthstone summons passion while February's amethyst birthstone is said to bring clarity to its wearer. April’s diamond signals devotion while May’s Emerald signifies rebirth. Every month is charged with its own meaning. Discover yours.